Public Relations Volunteer

Position Type:
1 - 20
Set Them Free, Inc. is a non-profit fund-raising organization created for the purpose of funding the rescue and rehabilitation of victims of human trafficking. Our mission is simply, 'Set the victims of human trafficking free.'
How do we do this?
-We are awakening thousands to the perils of modern day slavery and fund the rescue, care and rehabilitation of victims of its violence
-We partner with freedom organizations to set slavery captives free, provide healing homes, and change global legislation of human trafficking practices
-We restore hope in the hearts of victims of human trafficking related violence through the provisions of rescue
and safe homes
-We exist with the goal of abolishing human trafficking globally and completely. Our purpose is to raise money for those rescuing and rehabilitating the victims of human trafficking as well as changing culture and laws around the world.
-We are not Sting Operatives, Attorneys, International Social Workers, or Law Enforcement...But we can fund the rescue and rehabilitation of the victimized.
What are we looking for?
A personal relations manager.
We would love someone with previous press release experience because we are trying to promote our BIG fund-raising event that is held in Colorado June 26th-28th.
The job description looks like this:
Primary responsibilities include:
Design PR strategies
Conduct extensive media outreach and building relationships with those sources
Respond to requests for information from the media or designate another appropriate spokesperson or information source
Identify, develop and execute communications strategy for key media contacts and customer references
Writing press release statements
Writing reports on media coverage data
Oversee content production (adverts, videos, social media and online PR stunts)
Arrange public appearances, lectures, contest, speaking engagements to increase local and national media coverage and raise awareness
Oversee market research
Bring in new business opportunities
Manage client relationships
Oversee social media PR strategies
Copy, edit, proofread, and revise communications.
Create marketing and promotional materials, both print and electronic.
Design and launch email marketing campaigns.
Research media coverage.
Help to clarify the organization's point of view to their main constituency.

Don't Be Fooled

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